Results: Face Of BankxzGraphicx 2nd Edition 2019 Winner (Who Fit The Crown)

Face of BankxzGraphicx 2nd edition 2019 Contestants

Face of BankxzGraphicx 2019 Election which started 24th November and ended 28th November 2019, hosted by TunesPlug Nigeria was successfully conducted free and fair.

The total number of votes for the 7 contestants equals 411 of which; TUDDY BRA BRA took 3rd position with 70 votes, DSP took the second position with total number of 113 votes and AGBURU SUNNY has the highest number of votes thereby emerging as the winner of the contest.

See statistics with results of the conducted election below:

PROSPER PG235.6%5.6%
TUDDY BRA BRA7017.03%17.03%
SPLASH MAHN81.95%1.95%
AGBURU SUNNY14435.04%35.04%

For this result we present the contestant with the highest number of votes (AGBURU SUNNY) as the winner of FACE OF BANKXZAGRAPHICX 2019 2ND EDITION WHO FIT THE CROWN

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