Album Review: Ariana Grande’s Record Breaking Album – “Thank U, Next”

Ariana Grande – Thank u, next Album Review
Ariana Grande – Thank u, next Album

Ariana Grande – Thank U, Next Album Review

The young American Pop star, Ariana Grande has added to her chart of success yet another album, titled ‘Thank u, Next‘.

The album which was made in two weeks is her best and most surprising album to date. Ariana Grande is one out of three artists who have released consecutive Number One singles in the lead-up to an album; according to Billboard.

‘Thank U, Next’ was released six months after her last Number One album ‘Sweetener’ – the album though sounds both urgent and more varied than it’s predecessor.


Following the release of her previous studio album ‘Sweetener’, Grande found herself in the midst of personal matters. This includes the death of her ex-boyfriend in September 2018 Mac Miller and breaking up with her fiancé Pete Davidson. Victoria Monét – a singer and songwriter – had said that during the period after Miller’s death, ‘there was a point where Ariana didn’t want to do anything’. Roughly two weeks after Grande thought about cancelling work, she flew to New York to write with another pair of longtime collaborators; Max Martin and Savan Kotecha.

‘The first week we already had nine songs or so’, Monét says, ‘then we spent the next week cleaning them up, adding more things, doing production, cutting a few more songs’.

The album was also made by a lot of women – nine of the album’s twelve songs have two or more female writers, which is a first on a Grande project.

Many of the songs came in a flurry, “In My Head’ took just 12 hours from start to finish’, according to Andrew and Coney. As they decided to use the melody for ‘7 Rings’, words fell into place; ‘It all happened so fast’, said Vitia and ‘NASA’ was written that same day.

‘Thank U, Next’ was recorded in October 2018 in the matter of two weeks. The album involved songwriters and producers such as Tommy Brown, Max Martin, Ilya Salmanzadeh and Andrew ‘Pop’ Wansel. The title song was released as the album’s lead single on November 3rd, 2018. ‘Thank U, Next’ was released on February 8th, 2019 by Republic Records.

ARIANA GRANDE (Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock)

Even with all the strains, the resulting album stands out from the rest of Grande’s catalog. We are used to hearing her singing pop records maybe a soul-based record but she’s changed it, some of the songs are really different; Grande is stretching – reaching out to her audience in a different way. Grande has never constructed an album like this before.

The album starts quietly with a trio of ballads, and ends with thunderstorms: ‘Thank U, Next’ and ‘7 rings’ steroidal streaming hits plus ‘Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored’ which is both mischievous and hammering.

Ariana Grande almost didn’t drop names in ‘Thank U, Next’ song. The song was split impacted by her former fiancé Pete Davidson. In her song she had included names of her ex-boyfriends: Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez and late rapper Mac Miller.

The song was released a month after Pete and her ended their engagement. “Imagine’ is in triple meter – you don’t get a lot of those records anymore, especially for a pop singer’, says Roberts who co-wrote ‘Imagine’ and ‘In My Head’.

Grande though made a 6/8 track the first thing you hear on ‘Thank U, Next’. No one would ever think ‘In My Head’ is an Ariana record with such a vicious intro – Grande’s growing. In pop, capturing relationships tends to sort them into the good vs the bad but this track captures a hyper-specific romantic middle zone. ‘NASA’ is definitely something different, one that women need to hear.

‘Thank U, Next’ was to an average score of 88 based on nine reviews indicating ‘universal acclaim’. Many critics praised the cohesiveness and production of the album. Mikael Wood of the Los Angeles Times said “Thank U, Next’ flaunts Grande’s emotional healing; it’s suffused with the joy of discovering that what didn’t kill her really did make her stronger “.

The list of the tracks in the album (with length) below;

No. Title —— Length

  1. “Imagine” —— 3:32
  2. “Needy” —— 2:51
  3. “NASA” —— 3:02.
  4. “Bloodline” —— 3:36
  5. “Fake Smile” —— 3:28
  6. “Bad Idea”—— 4:27
  7. “Make Up” —— 2:20
  8. “Ghostin” —— 4:31
  9. “In My Head” —— 3:42
  10. “7 Rings” —— 2:58
  11. “Thank U, Next” —— 3:27
  12. “Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” —— 3:10

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